Our New Place

A few weeks ago we packed our bags and said farewell to lovely Norwood St and moved a few K’s up the coast to North Brighton. Our new place is fantastic, loving being near so many great cafes and restaurants and being a 5 minute walk from the station. Here are a few pics… you can browse through them using the arrows or click on one to open a zoom box.


[square_slider] Mark modelling the lounge All the furniture fitted apart from two bar stools Patriotism in the form of a one-eyed three-horned... thingy Captain 'R' in his new home Our bedroom Hmmm, we're not in Sandy anymore Guest room – with ensuite BBQ! Mark's Kylie Minogue 4xPlatinum disk finally makes it on to the wall (above the loo – ha!) Essential supplies The courtyard on a very blue day Courtyard plus head Mr Parsley enjoying his new position A bit of winter colour [/square_slider]


I’m feeling quite smug as I’ve edited the css, php and javascript files to make a square version of this image slider to fit my square iPhone photos. If the internet breaks in the next few hours it’s probably my bad…


Ahh, that doesn’t work in the WordPress notification email does it! Feeling of smugness ebbing away…

2 Responses to Our New Place

  1. Celia
    - July 23, 2012 Reply

    Looks great! Glad the three horned thingy made it down under :) Be nice to BBQ in the spare room when we visit..

  2. alice
    - July 24, 2012 Reply

    like the new digs. :) see you friday!!! yay!

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