Our first few days in Oz

Hello, here’s a short(ish) account of our first few days in Oz. I’m up in the middle of the night failing to adjust to the new time zone, so don’t expect this to continue when I’ve learnt to sleep again…

Set off from Heathrow at 3pm on Sunday. First flight was a 6 hour stint to Doha in Qatar. Had a cheeky G&T to help soften the leaving trauma :( Very quick midnight change at Doha, straight through the terminal and onto another plane, where we sat still for 2 hours while various doctors decided whether or not the woman sat behind us (Captain Vomit from now on) was fit enough to fly… Not the best start to 13 hours in the air, especially since Captain Vomit was then allowed to stay on the plane. Cue much disgruntement from nearby passengers. Anyhoo, off we went anyway. Many more movies were watched, the sunlight stayed with us just long enough to see us make land over the north western coast of Australia, a big wrinkly red expanse of not very much at all. We finally landed at Melbourne late on Monday night (thankfully with no incidents to report from Captain Vomit) and met Steve who drove us back to his place in the rather fancy suburb of Brighton. Had a quick look around (5 bedrooms, marble floors and a pool, ok then, we’ll stay) and then had a few cheeky glasses of wine, to help us sleep.

Awoke after a marvellous night of tossing and turning (but at least I was lying down) to a fabulous bright morning. Feeling a bit zombie-like but eventually managed to drag ourselves upright, get a cup of tea and unpack. Steve had gone to the office and our job was to wait in for some deliveries and drink more tea, small tasks to begin with! My back was absolute agony so popped a couple of co-codamols. Never taken two before… am now drunk as well as jet lagged. Not good. Headed into the city in the afternoon to set up bank accounts and get train cards, fun stuff when feeling tipsy! Had a massive sandwich and coffee and started to feel vaguely human again. Swung by the office to get our bearings and have a look around, then back to the house in Steve’s vintage Merc for a lovely dinner and an evening of Aussie Masterchef (biggest prog on the telly over here!)

Day two. I had to find my way to the office all alone as Mark and Steve went to a meeting first thing. I managed it! And I didn’t set the alarm off, forget my laptop, get lost or do anything else stupid. Go me. Did some work too, the proper gear hadn’t arrived yet so a slightly frustrating morning of trying to design something on a laptop with no mouse. Much swearing.

Day three. Mac’s arrived – yay! Can do things properly now. And also discovered how to turn the heating on, so a lot less shivering all-round (draughty warehouse type building). Finding lots of good places nearby for coffee. Good good. Went out for a beer and some dinner with Steve and Nick in the evening and then tried to turn in for an early night. Managed 2 hours then wide awake. Will my silly body clock ever re-set?
So now I’m sitting up typing all this boring nonsense hoping it’ll induce some sort of tiredness. Not happening.

So there you go. It’s all going well, really enjoying the Melbourne vibe. Hoping to get out and about at the weekend and see a bit more.

Going to try some more of that sleeping thing now.

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