Introducing Smug Cow

SMUG COW is the creative outlet for Emily Barraclough, a graphic designer from London living in Melbourne, Australia. Emily studied graphic design at Bath Spa University College and went on to work in the design industry for 12 years creating all sorts of shiny designy items for lots of important people. In 2011 she took time out from ‘proper’ work to concentrate on some of her own ideas and so Smug Cow was born. Moo!


Emily’s subject matter and style draws on some of her many passions (children’s design, horses, typography, letterpress, colour, composition) and experience as a graphic designer and as art director of preschool magazines at BBC Worldwide. She is dedicated to the creation of beautiful things, produced to the highest possible standard. Attention to detail and quality are core to the smug cow studio.


When Emily isn’t being Smug Cow she can be found eating cheese, drinking red wine, growing vegetables, cuddling dogs, patting horses, walking up tall mountains, cycling along flat cycle paths and (when time permits) freelancing in the general Melbourne area.


Why Smug Cow? The name was inspired by the super-talented bovine that leapt over the moon in horror/celebration (you decide) of the unorthodox union of the cat & the fiddle. Well… wouldn’t you be feeling rather pleased with yourself if you’d just jumped over the moon?




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  1. Wendy
    - March 21, 2012 Reply

    Loving it you smug cow! xxxxxx

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