Here are some more ramblings from me about life down-under…

You’ll all be glad to know that I’ve learnt to sleep again (with the aid of some marvellous drugs), though it did take 2 full weeks.


Our productivity has dramatically declined after our super-efficient start. We still have no car and no home. Car, can’t decide between getting a sensible medium-sized one (yawn) or a completely silly 4 wheel drive pick up truck (a Holden Rodeo being Mark’s top choice right now). Truck you say? Oh ok then. Actually we’ve put all of that on hold, we can’t get paid properly until our visas come through, so I suppose we’d better conserve funds, boring.


We’ve done a couple of reccies around different neighbourhoods, both in Steve’s car and on foot. Neither were that successful… The first walking tour ended in a prolonged stop in a cafe when the heavens opened and a whopping great lake fell out of the sky. We had to give up, go home and dry out. Have learnt to never leave the house without an umbrella now. The second was a trip up to Fitzroy, Carlton and  Collingwood, the traffic was so awful it put us off the whole thing all together. Now we’re thinking somewhere near the beach would be a good idea.


We met up with some rellies of mine during our second week here, Yvonne and Graham from Adelaide. Had a nice stroll along the southbank with them and then had coffee and cake in the casino with the dancing fountains, all a bit Las Vegas. This is where I encountered the mint hedgehog you may have read about in a previous status update.


Last Friday we had a bit of an epic night out. Steve took us to one of the hidden places in Melbourne, just a black door on a back street leading to 3 floors of very lovely bar.. Lots of red drink and not very much food = 4am, hiccups and a shocking hangover for most of Saturday. Ooof.


All OK by Sunday though, so we went for a run along the seafront followed by an AFL (Aussie Rules Footy) game at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). Bonkers sport, 18-a-side kind of cross between rugby, netball and fighting and played on a full-sized cricket pitch. It’s supposed to be 4 quarters each lasting 20 minutes, but they tend to last around 25-30 minutes because of stoppages, but nobody actually knows when the time’s going to be up. They also play in really tight shorts and vest tops, so it all looks a tiny bit camp. And you get a point for missing the goal. But really it’s all about yelling ‘good natured’ abuse at the opposition, drinking beer, scoffing a pie at half time and waving (again slightly gay) massive pom-poms around. So all the fans are mixed in together, drinking beer and… it’s all fine. Weird.


We’re not doing much after work during the week, the dark evenings are a bit of a shocker after it was getting so lovely and light in the UK. Will have to get over it and start doing more. Aussie weeknight TV just isn’t doing it for me. Though Masterchef is awesome – it’s the biggest show here, even bigger than X factor and all that sort of stuff. Steve and Mark are in the lounge as I type watching some awful girly ‘comedy’ series – men! And Steve had the cheek to object to me watching Eurovision!! The injustice. We are however fully up-to-date with Doctor Who which has gone extremely dark and scary. Who is that lady with the eye patch?


We went out again the Friday just gone, to welcome a new Whippet member – Terri. She’s joined as an account handler. We went to a super-cool bar in Prahran called Fog and were having a great time until a bunch of very strange old gits decided to join us and regale us with tales of, well, complete and utter bullshit. Our collective favourite being along the lines of “I was great mates with Gianni Versace, in fact I was standing next to him when he got shot and ended up with blood all over me, fair dinkum”. Reeeeeeeeeaaly, bye. And then we moved onto a vodka bar. Hangover etc…


Notable vocab discovered so far:

Crack the shits = get angry

Chap Lap = driving one’s souped up vehicle up and down Chapel Street on a Friday night

Bum Nut = egg


Other good discoveries:

There’s a ***3 day event in Melbourne in June!

There’s a winery tour, on horseback!

Castello blue cheese comes in WHOLE rounds here. I feel like a hobbit discovering a pint.


Bad things.

It’s cold and a bit rainy, humph.


I think that’s about it. Not very exciting is it! Will try harder to have more to report next time (especially more horse news).

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